Tylark Consulting Services provides world class consultants that have deep experience in business automation, analytics and digitization for all level of business. Tylark consultants use a proven methodology for rapidly documenting the current state environment and constructing a state of the art solution for infusing high end automation and analytics into your business environment. The end product...a simplified process, reduced cost, better quality and expanded capabilities. 


Doing business at scale requires expert engineering and software development. Tylark Engineering Services provides enterprise class software engineers who will design, architect and develop world class digital environments that flow seamlessly from the Tylark Consulting Services solutions. And if your environment needs a "leap" to the next level, Tylark can guide you and support you  on that journey.


Want to get the best out of your state of the art, digital system? Tylark can provide   24 by 7 managed, hosting environments that will deliver your  Next Gen, digital environment in private, hybrid and/or public cloud environments. Each environment tuned to provide the best performance for your new, digital system.